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Dogs have been manís best friend for over 10,000 years and now they are still manís best friend.

Anthropologists say the ancestor of all dogs was the wolf and through evolution you can now choose any number of different breeds to be the latest addition to your family.

Depending on what you looking for there are dogs of all shapes and sizes. From pure breeds to cross breeds, and from the stately guard dog to the little lap dog, who takes the place of the cat. 

You can always find a dog that will fit into your household and become part of the family. 

If you get a dog from the animal shelter you normally end up with a crossbred that someone discarded and they can make a lovely pet. If you are into purebreds, there are many pure breed societies dotted around the country. Now with the Internet everything is as far away as your computer screen, so it is easy to keep in touch with other purebred dog owners.

It doesnít matter what dog you get or where you get him from, you still need to look after him. And that means supplies and food, and you also need to keep your pet healthy and clean as well as up to date with vaccinations and the latest toys.  Having a pet dog is beneficial for both the dog and you. You keep yourself fit and healthy by taking the dog for a walk and with a dog you are never lonely.

To keep everything up to date with your pet you need supplies and there is no better place to get them from than the Internet. These are the online stores I use and they have been very good to me so they should be very good to you.

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