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                                                                                                                                            Dog Collars

Dog collars are more than just something to hook the lead or lease onto.

     Dog collars are ideal for training purposes, but we still need the lead when walking the dog. Just for something as inconvenient as to stop your lovely pet from going through the trash. The Dog Collar can now be used to stop aggressive behavior, jumping and they can even stop barking

     So if you want to do some serious dog training there should be one available. Before, electronic collars were used mainly for hunting, like bird dogs, and for special training, but not so any more. It is just simply amazing what can be done with modern technology.

They are now available for just about anything.

     If your dog keeps running off, then just put a dog tracking collar around your dog's neck and you can find him anywhere. Also if your dog does keep running off and you want to keep her around the house just use a wireless containment collar. You might need to bury a wire around your yard depending on what type you get. 

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     Most dog owners stick to the buckle type and lead just for walking their dog. Or if their dog is a bit harder to control some prefer the harness type. If you are tied of dragging your dog around get a hands free lead. But they are still not the best for an unruly pooch.

Nowadays there are many different types

     So how do you choose what is good for your dog. Well, you can choose by material or color, or for that matter, price, or do what I do and just keep buying the same as the one before. At least the dog is used to that type. I prefer natural materials so I always buy leather but that is my personal choice. Some of the synthetic materials are softer and last a long time. Leather can get harder over time then it starts to crack, but I still like it.

     I buy all my supplies from these online stores here. They have been good to me with a ready supply of leather collars, and they also have other types. And I'm sure you will find one that you like, and your lovely little dog or big dog will love. Big dogs love leather, well mine does.

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