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                                                                                                                Large Dogs

Depending on your personal reasons you will either like Large Dogs or small dogs.

Some people have conjured up this image of a large dog protecting their family and that is all they think about when they see big dogs. Or they think about a Golden Retriever or a Labrador playing with the kids. Some people actually get

big, dangerous dogs as a status symbol because it goes with the territory.

There is a lot more to owning a big dog than this, and a lot of people donít realize this. 

For a start, big dogs need lots of food and lots of exercise, and if you get a puppy they grow really fast. One of the main problems with big dogs is dog poo, large dogs leave large blobs everywhere. Even if you keep the dog outside in the yard you still have to watch where you are walking. You need a garden and a compost bin to put all the poop in. 

Also large dogs are big and play rough, so you have to be careful. And you have to train your kids, as well as the dog, so the kids know not to upset the dog and if they do, the best thing to do is keep away. Usually because kids donít know what not to do around dogs, they can get bitten and sometimes very seriously. 

That is why I am very careful around dogs of all shapes and sizes and I am forever warning the kids. So if you are thinking of getting a large dog just consider how the dog will fit into your life and then think about a middle-size dog. They are a bit easier to control. Anyway after you have a dog you need supplies and what better shops than the shops I get all my supplies from.

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