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                                                                                                                                           Dog Food 

Dog Food comes in many shapes and sizes so what do you feed the latest addition to your family.

Dog food, dog treats and dog rawhide bones everywhere. How do you pick the best dog supplies and the safest dog chews to feed your beautiful, well groomed pooch. Do you want dried food treats in the big packet or wholesome tinned food. What about bones, rawhide bones, in knots or pressed into bone shapes. 

You can read labels but what do they all mean. Usually quality means a higher price. There is so much to choose, so what do you do. I just buy what's on special, and that way the dog gets a balanced diet. I pick up fresh bones and bits and pieces at the supermarket to give Pooch a special treat, but usually it is just the packet food from the pet shop. 

The big problem is dogs will eat what you give them, so don't give too much

Keeping dogs fit and healthy means not feeding them too much The big problem is they sit under the table and beg, but try and feed only two times a day. Puppies need more as they are growing quite rapidly but when they get older put them on twice a day. 

Don't leave the dog chews lying around or you will come home and find a ripped up empty packet on the floor, next to a sleeping, contented pooch. And possibly a very sick pooch.

Buying dog food nowadays is exceptionally easy especially over the Internet and it is delivered to your door. Except for fresh meat the internet is the way to go. 

For my online dog food and dog supplies I prefer these shops as they have been good to me.

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