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                                                                                                                         Training Hunting Dogs

So its time to start

Training Hunting Dogs now where do you start

Most experts agree that to get a good hunting dog you need breeding and the correct breed. If the puppy is from good hunting parents then you are on the right track and the offspring hopefully will follow in their parent’s footsteps. Like all puppies the training should begin with the basic commands like ‘sit ‘, ‘stay’ and ‘come here’ just general obedience and in this way the dog will learn to respect you as the leader and alpha dog.

This way the dog should find the game without getting lost in the process.

When training hunting dogs in the wild a electronic collar comes in handy but the dog must already be trained in how the collar operates before going into the field. Then in the field if the dog runs off chasing a rabbit you can give it a quick zap to bring it back. 

Electronic collars are good for getting the dogs attention without yelling your head off. In a hunting situation the dog must respect you as the alpha leader and that way he will look for a lead from you. If he doesn’t he will run off on his own to find something to hunt. 

Also the dog must hunt by smell not sight because in the long grass the dog can’t see as much as you so he can’t be a sight dog. For training hunting dogs this is probably the best site. they cover about everything you need to know. Also there is a Free Book on their sister site

While you are training you pup and you need some supplies then these are the shops I use.

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