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                                                                                                               Types of dog

There are many different Types Of Dogs scattered around the world and they all descended from one common ancestor.

Dog experts seem to think the original dog looked something like the Australian Dingo and dogs were one of the first species to be domesticated. Now there are 157 different breeds registered with the American Kennel Club and there are various types of dog with in each

group. These have been separated into different dog types called dog groups based on what they do. For example the groups “Sporting Dogs (gundogs)” and “Terrier Breed Types of Dog both have 26 different types while the “Working Breeds Type” only has 22 different types. 

There are no accurate figures on the total number of dog types worldwide and if you include mongrels or mutts the number would be astronomical. So all in all there are many different types of dogs available if you want to buy a special breed.

People love dogs and there are approximately 68,000,000 owned dogs in America, that means about 1 in 3 households have a dog as a pet, about 36% of homes have a dog. The most favorite type of dog is the Labrador Retriever followed by the Golden Retriever and then the German Shepherd. Notice the first two are Sporting Dogs while the German Shepherd is a Working Dog.

The next two most popular types belong to the Toy Breed Types Of Dog and are the Beagle and then the Dachshund, both small dogs. Probably the most common type of dog is the mongrel and they are just as loveable as a purebred.

Anyway once you have brought you beautiful mutt from the animal shelter you still need to feed it and look after it. And that is where these online shops come in. They do a good job for me.
















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