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                                                                                                                                                             pet dog toy

If you have a pet dog then you need a pet dog toy

Todayís pet dogs love pet dog toys and they will love you more if you play with them. This goes back to the alpha dog and the dog pack instinct that is still part of your dogís life. He loves being part of a pack and he just happens to be part of your pack and he

loves it when the alpha dog gives him so attention. 

So what kind of pet dog toy do you want for your dog? 

It depends what you are going to do. If you want to play catch or fetch you need a rope toy or a ball or even better a ball on a rope. Then you can throw it as often as you like. If you want to leave your dog while you go to work, you need a Kong or something similar, that they can gnaw away at it till you come home. I like the Kong as it is reasonable safe. If you want a pet dog toy your dog will fall in love get a Cuz. Most dogs fall in love with their Cuz and when you take it away they might pine and whine for it. 

There is an endless array of plush soft toys that your dog will protect like they are his family, and others he will shred in an instant. You can pick up any number of unique dog toys made from latex or rubber as it can be molded into any shape, and some but not all are nearly indestructible. 

If you want to test your dogís intelligence try him out on an interactive toy and see if he can undo the puzzle. So you see there are plenty of toys and donít forget the squeaker.  

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