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                                                                                                                                                   Dog rescue

If you are after a pet dog and are not too fussy, why not have a look are adopting from your local Dog Rescue

The dogs you find at the dog rescue shelters are usually older dogs who need a second chance. Some have been neglected while others have been well looked after

but for some reason had to be given away. 

Getting a pet from the shelter is not cheap. Even though the people who work there are volunteers you still have to pay something. At the animal shelter you can find any age, breed or size animal you want. Sometimes a family canít look after a new litter of puppies, so they end up at the shelter. 

When you buy from the shelter you are giving a dog a new lease of life and most appreciate it when you take them home, and they can be loyal companions for life. Most dogs at the shelter are middle-aged dogs that have had their peaceful life turned over for some reason and they have ended up in the shelter. So they are naturally more cautious because of being discarded once, but they are readable and predictable. Most have been housed trained and because they are older they are quieter, and taking them for a walk is a lot easier.

When you bring your new pet home there might be a few accidents before they are settled in but that is to be expected. Also older dogs like a fixed routine so the sooner you get into an organized daily system, that means feeding at the same time everyday the dog will adapt easier.

Anyway after your new dog is settled in you will need supplies, toys and food so why not buy it at the online stores I frequent. They come highly recommended.

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