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                                                                                                                                            Dog walking

Dog walking should be a nice stroll around the block to the park but it is not always

Dogs in the wild are either active or resting. They chase, catch their food then eat it and sleep. A dogís life is pretty good and as pets their life just got better. They donít have to chase and catch their dinner anymore. 

But they still love exercise. 

Thousands of years of evolution cannot be undone in a few generations, so dogs and puppies still need exercise and lots of it. Anyway the lack of exercise could be behind a lot of dog behavioral problems. For instant if your dog is a barker it could be just that it needs some exercise.

Walking your dog can be very enjoyable and healthy but you have to be careful about your dog. The heat can affect dogs more than us as we sweat and dogs donít, so they need lots of water and frequent stops in the shade. Panting is how a dog loses heat so if your dog is panting heavily take a rest in the shade. 

Also you will need to train your dog to walk beside you on a lease. 

Not to difficult but if your dog is a puller try a pinch collar that should slow them down a bit.

When you take your dog out for a walk it is a good idea to carry a can of pepper spray just in case your dog is attacked by another dog, Just spray the other dog up the nose. Some dog owners carry a heavy walking stick and if attacked hit the dog as hard as possible on the head. That usually slows them down. When walking your dog abide by the law so you donít get into trouble and if possible keep your dog on a lease.

I love walking my dog but you do need collars and leases and this is where I get mine.

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