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                                                                                                                                  Dog Barking

Dog Barking is part of being a dog so if you have a dog you will have barking.

     Barking is a problem when the neighbors complain and when you cannot shut up your beautiful little pooch. Sometimes dogs train us, when they bark we come running or we yell at the dog. If the dog barks and we respond then the dog has trained us and we do what the dog wants.

     Also when your dog barks at people walking down the street, he thinks he is protecting your house because the people walk away. So the dog gets more reinforcement to bark than not to. Mostly dogs bark because they are bored or not getting enough attention so take your dog for a good walk. Give her plenty of exercise that might slow her down enough to stop barking all the time. 

     You can try out the stop barking collars with the spray or even a shock collar but you first have to learn how to train using a shock collar. As clicker training is used for good behavior it might be difficult to use for stop barking. 

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     It looks like behavior modification is the way to go but it takes time and effort and you need to be around your dog most of the time. If your dog barks to get a response from you, don’t do anything when your dog barks, only approach your dog when he is not barking. Bring in the treats if your dog stops barking even if it is only for a few seconds. 

     The dog must realize that barking will get him nowhere and then he might stop. Anyway for all your stop barking supplies check out these shops, they are where I buy my supplies.

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