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                                                                                                                         Dog breeds

There seem to be an endless number of different Dog Breeds available for you to choose which type of dog you want

All dogs nowadays are descendent from the wolf, say the anthropologists but you wouldn’t think it with the diverse number of types around. It is amazing what cross breeding can do over the generations. Everything from the Dachshund to the Labrador, and from the house dog to the guard dog.  

Ever since man has had dogs they kept breeding the best for whatever purpose they wanted, and now we are surrounded by thousands of years of evolution. And that is good because now there are many different breeds of many different colors in all shapes and sizes.

The breed of dog that you like is entirely up to you 

Cold weather dogs are probably better off in a cold climate, like the Siberian Husky or Malamute are not suited for life in Florida or Texas. Also for a small house you need a small dog so if you live in a small apartment a Jack Russell or a Corgi should be okay.

To rescue an abandoned pet just head on down to your local Animal Shelter and pick up a pet. 

Usually these are crossbreds but they are still very loveable. Purebreds now all belong to Purebred Societies and are registered, so if you are into purebreds just check out the purebred society and see if any are for sale. Usually you are put on a waiting list.

After you have brought your lovely pet it is time to find a good shop to get all your doggie supplies. Shopping online is the modern way and I have found these shops to be very helpful.

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