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                                                                                                                                             Dog Health

Dog Health is your job and if you want a healthy pet you must keep an eye on it

In their wild state dogs seem to remain quite healthy. They get enough exercise catching their food, and because they eat raw meat they get enough nutrients. But in our homes everything is different. 


Possibly the most important thing you can do for your dogís health is a good 45 minute walk everyday, if you can. Your pet needs the exercise to help maintain itís health and itís weight. One of the biggest problems with our pets is they get fat, and so can we. Dogs are naturally slim so you really need to be able to see a few of the lower ribs. If you cannot feel your dogís ribs then she needs to lose some weight.

When looking after your pet you need to keep an eye out for lice and fleas and of course worms, as these are a problem with dogs and we can get the worms also. When you de-worm your healthy bundle of fur you should also de-worm yourself as a precaution. 

For the fleas and lice you can use a medicated collar or medicated shampoo. They are easy to control but they keep coming back. A healthy dog looks healthy and you should know if something is wrong with your pet, just by looking at it. 

One of the worst killers is the heat. Dogs canít control their body heat very well so donít leave your lovely pet asleep in the car on a hot day, because it might never wake up again.

For all my petís health needs I check out these online pet shops they always have everything I need and they deliver to my door.

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