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                                                                                                                          peak oil production

One of the major uncertainties of the peak oil debate is when is peak oil production

The whole future of peak oil hinges on when is the top in peak oil production. Most prominent oil geologist who have been working in the industry all their lives, seem to agree on now or a few years into the future. Like 2010 seems to be the figure in the middle of the range. But

the big problem with peak oil production is we will not know when it is until after it has happened. 

And then it will be too late to change the world. 

After we have gone over the peak oil production point the world as we know it will end and we will enter a new era. We will be entering a oil-less future and we are not preparing for it. We are ignoring it, hoping it will go away so we can carry on with business as usual, but it wont. 

So parents if you have kids think about their future. 

Do you want them to die in oil wars? Or is there another way. At the moment the world is blind to the idea that everything is going to change but what do we do. Actually nobody knows as we are entering a brave new world. 

Globalization will collapse along with industrialized farming and then society will follow. We assume something like this will happen once we go over the top in peak oil production. Our whole society is built on cheap abundant oil but that is all coming to an end. I will see the start of the collapse but my grandchildren will hopefully come out the other end and be living in a better safer world. But the transition time could be very ugly. Only time will let us know if we made the right choices back at the beginning of the 21st century. 

Check out the Blog and our Peak Oil Page for more resources on how to survive the coming collapse of society.




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