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                                                                                                                                                                                           peak oil crisis

Well parents the peak oil crisis is not here yet but it is coming and it will be here sooner than you want.

Peak oil is just around the corner. At the max I would say probably within seven years and then the peak oil crisis will be here to stay. But leading up to the peak oil crisis things are not going to be very good. The

economy will be heading into severe recession and society will start to break down. 

The biggest problem is food as agriculture is just about turning oil into food. 

There will be shortages of everything. Unemployment will be extremely high, probably the highest it has ever been. There will be riots and marches and the beautiful cities mankind has built will not be safe places anymore. 

Society will hang together for a while but it will get steadily worse and worse. If you have children they are going to live in a world we cannot imagine. And anyone under 30 is going to see the degradation of society caused by the peak oil crisis

I donít really know what to do. 

I think because the future is so uncertain I think just having one child is a very good start. Because of the peak oil crisis you do not want to be bring too many children into the world. The peak oil crisis is not a myth, it is the future. A lot of people are debunking the peak oil crisis as a myth but it is not. 

The future looks very bleak and many people just canít accept that so they turn the peak oil crisis into a myth. This way they can accept it. But it will not make it go away. It is our future and our childrenís future so we have to plan for the peak oil crisis

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