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                                                                                                                                                                                                  peak oil news

In the middle of 2014 the hasnít been very much peak oil news

to be honest there hasnít been any

     Peak oil news waxes and wanes with whatever is in vogue taking the headlines. There was a time back in 2005 when peak oil news was king, but that didnít last long. Along came Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth and the whole world followed him like some sort of long lost prophet, who

didnít practice what he preached. But the media loved him, followed by the multinationals and the Save The Planet people and whatever. 

So peak oil news was forgotten and the peak oil myth raised its ugly head once again. 

     Even with oil over $100 a barrel there is not a whisper in peak oil news about the impending doom. So what will it take to put peak oil news back in the news. Some catastrophic event, I hope not, that is what I dread. If the Saudi oil fields were nuked tomorrow, that would be the end of western civilization as we know it. Even hurricanes that destroy oil wells and shut off the oil supply are referred to as global warming and there is nothing in the peak oil news outlets. 

The media says the hurricanes are to blame for the spike in oil prices not the fact that we are running out of oil so peak oil news is debunked again. 

     The news media keeps a tight lid on what they want us to know about, and peak oil nes is definitely not on the top of their list. So we blindly go to the end of western civilization without a care in the world, but that will change very soon. Then the peak oil news media will still not talk about peak oil. The stories in the news will be about unemployment, the depression and all the bad things happening in the world. But no one will relate the peak oil news stories to peak oil until it is too late. 

     For more information check out The Blog and our Peak Oil Page for more resources.




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