Phonic Chart

This chart just shows the letters and some words the letters are in, to give you an idea of how the letter or letters should sound like. As you can see there are quite a few vowel sounds even though there are only 5 vowels.

To read the phonic sound, just speak the word as you normally would. Stretching the word out to insolate the phonic sound. The phonic sound is in bold and underlined.

           LETTERS                       WORDS


     a                                             ant mat

     e ea                                         peg bread bed

     i  e  o                                      pig tin wanted rocket women

     o  a                                         log frog want swan

     u                                             glove plug bus

     oo oul u                                   book would bull put

     er ar or ure a e i o u                   upper collar doctor measure zebra garden fossil lion    circus

     ee e ea ey y                              sweet tree knee me     beach key pony

     ar a                                          jar far car banana fast

     or a au aw oor ore ou               fork ball sauce law saw door core thought

     oo ew ue                                  moon screw glue

     a a-e ai ay ei ey eigh                  baby ape tape rain snail tray vein they eight

     oi oy                                         oin toy boy

     ear eer                                       hear fear beer deer 

     are ear air                                   square bear hair

     o-e o oa ow                                bone cold boat snow

     ow ou                                         down cow house  

     igh y i i-e ie                                  light fly tiger wild kite lie

     ur er or ir                                     burn teacher work first

     ue oo ew u                                   blue moon screw tune



     c k ck ch cc que                       cat key duck school occur antique

     ch tch ture                                chip chair watch fracture

     d dd                                         dog ladder

     f ff ph gh                                  fish coffee photo dolphin tough cough

     g gg gh                                     gate egg ghost ghastly

     b bb                                         bat bird rabbit

     h wh                                         hat hand whole

     j g ge dge                                  jet jam giant cage bridge

     l ll le                                         lip leg bell sample

     m mm mb                                 man mouse hammer comb lamb

     n nn kn gn                                 nut net dinner knee gnat gnome

     ng n                                          ring king sink ink

     p pp                                         pan panda happy hippo

     r rr wr                                       rat rain cherry write wrist

     s ss se c ce sc x                        sun dress horse house city ice mice science box

     sh ss tio ch sio ssio                   ship mission station chef expansion session

     t tt bt                                        tap letter debt

     th                                             thrush thumb

     th                                             that feather

     v ve                                          vet voice sleeve

     w wh                                        wet wheel

     y u-e                                         yes yawn cute

     z zz ze s se                                zip fizz sneeze is laser cheese

     sure sio sia                                pleasure treasure fusion Asia


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