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How To Set Up An Easy Care Vegetable Garden Without Breaking Your Back Or The Bank

If you are wondering how to survive the economic downturn then growing a vegetable garden is a good way to start.


Before we never thought very much about food but now the situation is starting to change. 

Every time we go to the supermarket it seems the price of something we like to eat is higher than last time.

Also now with the internet we are getting stories that say some of the chemicals found in the food we eat are causing our health to go downhill.

And another thing, the obesity situation is causing us to eat more because the food tastes so good laden with sugars and other additives that just happen to keep us fat. 

So not only is food getting more expensive we are eating much too much of it.

Actually have you ever really thought much about food and where it comes from? 

If you check the labels you will find that most food is imported. Even some of the vegetables come a long way before we eat them. 

To keep them fresh they are loaded with chemicals to stop them ripening. 

Also to grow these same vegetables they are covered with chemicals to keep the bugs off. Then to get them to grow, fertilizers are added to the soil.

But now the world is changing and with the price of oil over $100 a barrel everything is going to get more expensive. 

Most chemicals and fertilizers come from oil or natural gas. And if you listen to the TV and read the newspapers you can get the impression that the world is running out of both oil and natural gas. 

So anything made from oil or natural gas will go up in price.  And that includes the vegetables you eat. 

Already now with the bio-fuels craze that is sweeping the world, a lot of food is being turned into fuel for your car. So there is less food to eat. 

Now when you bring in supply and demand what happens? Well the price of food keeps going up because food is going into your gas tank.

Another thing in the news these days is global warming. 

If global warming gets any worse then there will be problems with food. Already good farmland is drying up and there are severe droughts in a number of food producing regions of the world.

So how do you survive the future with the price of food constantly increasing?

Well for a start you grow your own. If you live in suburbia in a house with a lawn, you can turn your lawn into a vegetable garden. And grow your own vegetables. 

If your yard will grow grass and weeds then it will grow vegetables for you to eat.

Actually growing vegetables is not very difficult. Plants only need three things to grow Ė water, sunlight and warmth, and soil to grow in. 

If you have a lawn you have soil and most houses have water so the only thing you leave up to nature is the sunlight. 

If you start planting you vegetable garden in spring you will have sunlight. 

Also they say that nature will find a way and that is so true. All you need to do is put the seed in the soil in the springtime and water it and nature will do the rest. 

Growing vegetables is not too difficult.

So how and where do you start. Well! In this little guide you will be shown how easy it is to grow vegetables. 

How to set up mini gardens to start you off with vegetable gardening. This guide is not about turning your whole lawn into vegetables in one hit. 

It will show you how to start off slowly and over time grow your garden to cover the whole lawn. A sort of practice run. It is up to you to decide how much garden you want. And that depends on how much time you have. 

Setting up a garden is not expensive Ė you will need to buy seeds - but it will require your time. 

Give a seed water and sunlight and it will grow by itself but you need to keep watering when it is needed. 

Also everything else in your garden will grow including the grass and weeds, so you need to spend a bit of time keeping your garden under control. The rest is up to the wonders of nature. 

In this little guide you will see how easy it is to turn your lawn into food without breaking the bank or your back. 

You will find out the best places to plant various vegetables so you can more or less forget about them. 

How to turn your fence into a vertical garden for your peas and beans and any other climbing vegetable that you want to grow. 

Pests and diseases are a constant problem so youíll find out ways to lessen the effect they have on your vegetables without chemicals. 

You will turn your garden into a sustainable unit without the use of expensive chemicals and fertilizers.

What can you do with your own home grown vegetables?

And after your vegetables are growing you will enjoy fresh food from your garden that will cost you a few cents compared to the supermarket. 

You will not worry about chemicals in your food because there isnít any. 

If you want something to eat just go out in the garden and pick it. 

Instead of spending money mowing your lawn you will now be saving money by eating what you grow. 

You can now go to the supermarket and spend a few dollars on essentials instead of spending hundreds of dollars a week on vegetables.

When you get good at growing vegetables you might be able to sell the excess at your local farmerís market. 

Or you could barter and trade your vegetables for other items you need. 

Eating your own vegetables will keep you healthy as you are not eating chemicals. 

Because you are getting more exercise in the garden plus you are eating fresh foods you should have less weight problems and you will be healthier. 


To find out how to have a practice run growing vegetables 

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Turn your yard from grass you mow into vegetables you grow

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