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                                                                                                                                   vegetable garden pests

Vegetable garden pests are a problem you have to live with

It doesnít matter what vegetables you grow in your vegetable garden, there will be something out there that will try to eat it. You will have a constant war with snails and slugs and many other types

of creepy crawlies so get used to it. I have learnt to live with them but that doesnít mean I like them. 

I use the organic natural vegetable garden methods and that means no chemicals, no pesticides or fertilizers or tillage therefore vegetable garden pests love gardeners like us. 

For snails and slugs I use a beer trap Ė all that is, is an used food can, tin or jar half full with beer buried up to the lid in the garden. The pest comes along decides to have a drink and because of the beer canít get out. Itís OK but there are a lot of pests that donít like drinking beer. If you have a dog heíll probably drink all the beer. 

For other vegetable garden pests see if your garden center sells praying mantis, they are a pretty good predator as well as lady bugs or lady birds. 

They love to eat aphids so if you can, get them. Also birds love eating vegetable garden pests so hang a couple of  bird feeders in the trees to keep the birds in your garden. If you have a cat, be careful as they are an extremely efficient hunter and they will take out the birds. I love my cat so I try to keep him inside in the morning when the birds like to eat. Vegetable garden pests and you are going to be up against each other for the whole time you are growing vegetables so get used to it.

Check out our recommended products and see what you think, but now is the time to stop thinking and just throw a few seeds around the house to see what happens.




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