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                                                                                                                                   vegetable garden mulch

When you are vegetable gardening whether organic or not you will need vegetable garden mulch

Vegetable garden mulch is usually vegetable organic matter that you spread over your garden around the vegetable plants to conserve moisture and enrich the soil. It can be compost, hay straw or just

grass clippings. Anything organic, which is something made by nature, can be used, leaves raked off the local park if you are desperate. 

One thing about vegetable garden mulch is you never seem to have enough of it. 

You always seem to be in a situation where you could always have more. As the organic material keeps decomposing and breaking down into your soil you have to keep adding more and more vegetable garden mulch. And that is the problem. Where do you get it, well I grow my own. I use spinach as it is a fast growing broad leaf that can grow a lot of vegetable matter in quite a short time. 

When I first start turning my lawn into vegetables I mow the lawn as short as possible then I lay out 2 drip irrigation pipes. 

Now I walk around with a stick poke a hole in the ground drop in a spinach seeds and about 6 inches away I poke in another hole and start again. When this comes up you have lots of green material to use as mulch but you will still not have enough. 

If there are any bare patches in the garden I poke in some spinach seeds and let them grow to fill the gaps. I use the spinach as a cover crop to crowd out the grass and I plant all the other vegetables into the spinach, just cutting away the leaves to give the new plants some room. So for vegetable garden mulch I think spinach is the way to go.

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