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What You Need To Know To Survive The Future

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                                                                                                                                            vegetable garden design

When you start to turn your lawn into vegetables donít go overboard on the vegetable garden design

     When you are first starting out with vegetable gardening just do a practice run growing vegetables then you can get into vegetable garden design. Raised beds are permanent so you have to get the position correct the first time. But if you

do a practice run for a season youíll have more idea what you want. 

For the best vegetables design your vegetable garden so the beds get full sun, that means not under any big trees. 

     I donít use rows in my gardens but if you want rows it is better to have the beds running north to south. This ways the plants get even sun. If you are not into raised beds and just want a garden patch out the back somewhere, design the vegetable garden so you can walk easily around the garden. 

Soil compaction is something you donít want so donít design the garden so it is too big. 

     You do not want to walk on the garden, just be able to reach over to all parts on the bed. That usually means 3 to 4 feet wide. Most raised beds are around 4 feet wide and as long as you like. There is no real limit on length. If you are using wood use natural wood not the treated wood as the chemicals could leach into your garden. 

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     With organic natural gardening we grow vegetables the way nature intended but you do need some sort of vegetable garden design. After you have been growing vegetables for a few seasons youíll be getting into crop rotation so you do need to get into vegetable garden design. I like to let my garden evolve with the seasons.

     So if you are into organic gardening or are thinking of turning your lawn into a garden you have come to the right place. Browse the site and check out what we have to offer.

Check out our recommended products and see what you think, but now is the time to stop thinking and just throw a few seeds around the house to see what happens.

Thank you for your time


Peter Legrove




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