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    Teach in China

How To Get A Job Teaching English As A Second Language In China

Teaching ESL gives you an income as well as a home in China, so you can explore the country while getting paid.

     After you come out of the immigration building in Shenzhen, just stroll to the railway station, about 5 to 10 minutes. Your last quiet stroll in China. Once you get to the railway station, welcome to China.
    The lines to the ticket windows can be anything from 20 people to the back wall. Sometimes less than 20 but not very often.
Get in the queue and start shuffling to the window. Be careful of anyone getting to close to you, don't stand still for too long. Usually anyone too close is a pickpocket, so keep an eye out.

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     When you get to the window just say “Guangzhou” and get your ticket. You need your passport to get a ticket so have it handy. Some windows have an English sign meaning they speak English, it is pretty straight forward. The tickets are self explanatory with the train number, your carriage number and the seat number.
    Don't lose your ticket you need it to get out the station in Guangzhou. The trains leave every 15 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes and sometimes 20 minutes. Usually you have to wait for three trains, before your train number appears on the screen.  Then you follow the crowd, you won't get lost, everybody is getting on the same train. When you are on the platform find your carriage number, climb in and find your seat. Pretty straight forward. You have about 10 minutes to board the train before it takes off. Then you are barreling along at about 160 kms/hour.
     Not bad for your first hour in China.
     This will be one of many experiences you will encounter in the next superpower. Welcome to the future.
     When you leave Guangzhou on the high speed trains going north, you will be plowing along at over 300 kms/hour. What you are on now is just an introduction. That is when you will see the power poles going past like the proverbial picket fence. They are just a blur as they fly past the window.
     This is the start of the rest of your life. Time to get lost in one of the most crowded, or least crowded places on the planet, depending where you go. You can walk alone the waterways in the middle of a city, and not see another soul. Then you can stand in a checkout line, at one of the 60 plus checkouts, with 10 people in front of you, and a never ending stream of people behind you, all waiting to get to the counter.
     All in one day and in one city, between classes at a kindergarten. Your new life as an English as a Second Language Teacher has just begun.

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     Your days of worry are over, it is time to have a good time and save money. And check out a new city while you are at it. And learn the language of the future.

P/S: Find out how easy it is to get a job teaching English in China, then you are on your way to starting the adventure of a lifetime. You can live in the most crowded place on the planet and have a really good time living there.

     Thank you for your time      

    All The Best Surviving Teaching In China



  Peter Legrove

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