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What are the best phonics books or courses when you are teaching phonics for kids

There are many different phonics programs in the bookshops and online, so which is the best one for your kids. You can either use a complete program or a program that will supplement what your child is learning at


There are books and computer programs available that are a complete course in themselves, but I like to supplement the main course with Montessori sandpaper letters. I make up the words or phonic sounds that the kid is learning in sandpaper letters then get the child to trace the letters. This helps with writing as well as implanting the words in the childís mind. 

You can use the sandpaper letters with any learning to read book or course. Or you can use the Montessori teaching system by itself to teach phonics to your kids. The Montessori system has been around for nearly a hundred years and it is still popular today. It has survived the changes in education policy from phonics to whole language and back again and it is still being taught in Montessori schools around the planet. 

With this phonics system you basically have to take control of your kidís reading education. It is not something you leave with your kid like some computer-based programs and your kid learns by himself. But it is a good add-on to computer-based reading programs as you can make up the words in sandpaper letters and get your kid away from the computer for a while. 

The Montessori system is a hands-on approach that you do with your child. You make up the letters and your kid traces and says the sounds. For more information about a Montessori course with a good section on how to make sandpaper letters and other computer-based courses see our teach reading page.




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