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For your lifeboat check out this large section in the Australian outback

                                                                                        peak oil survival

Your peak oil survival could depend on where you live

     For peak oil survival you need community. Cuba survived a mini peak oil and they did it with community So I think where you live could determine your survival rate. I donít think you should throw it all away and go and

live in the sticks on your little sustainable farm unless there is a little town nearby with a good farmerís market. 

I think your best chance of survival is living in a small town in a rural area. 

     Preferable a town that is not near a big city. As the peak oil crisis deepens cities will feel the pinch as everything has to be brought into a city. And with less oil it will be more costly and difficult to bring food into the city. Cities have been a part of mankind since we left the cave so some semblance of a city will remain but I donít think our huge metropolises are sustainable after peak oil

As peak oil is possibly a lot closer than we would like to think, try and start setting up your little farm as soon as possible. 

     That might be just looking for a place to go to when things get rough. At the moment I live in a beautiful huge city and I donít want to leave. This place is life. Anyway my kid is still at school so I donít want her to change schools, but I am looking for that special place. And when Iíve found it Iíll set it up. Iím collecting books, information and products that I think I will need. I just brought a thermal cookware pot and now I am learning how to cook with it. 

     Little things like this will all add up when the time comes. But the most important thing is finding the community you want to spend the rest of your life with because after peak oil there will not be so much travel. For a comment check out the Blog and then head over to our Peak Oil Page and see how you can survive the future.




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