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                                                                                                                     Learn to write abc

Children still have to learn to write their abcs even though the keyboard is replacing the humble pencil

I don’t know if technology will make pens and pencils obsolete, but just in case our children should still learn to write the abc. I like cursive but it seems nowadays most kids use block, even though is it easier and faster to write in continuous cursive. These days children are surrounded with everything in typeface. But it was the same for us, back in the days when we parents were kids. 

Cursive writing just seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning to write your abcs is not difficult. It is like everything else, time consuming. I like the Montessori method of teaching writing and reading. It is a learning system that has been around for nearly a hundred years and it is very effective. The system uses tracing sandpaper letters to implant the new words and phonic sounds on your child’s mind. 

You can use the Montessori method with your children’s school textbooks. 

That is what I did. You make up the words your child is learning at school in sandpaper letters. Then your child traces the letter and says the word. She follows the shape of the letter in the sandpaper, the same way you would if you are writing the word. This implants the flow of the writing in your child’s mind, so she knows how to write even before holding a pen. Also Montessori spends a lot of time on strengthening the child’s arm and hand muscles, as most writing problems seem to stem from a lack of hand strength.

For more information about a Montessori Learning To Write method see this course. I was very impressed with the results I obtained from using this system.








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