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When you are teaching your child to learn to read books you should start with phonics


There are many things your child has to learn but very few are as important as how to learn to read books. For any child to get ahead in

school they must be good readers, so they must start to learn to read books early in their education. There are many ways to learn to read and some are better than others, so keep in mind ‘one size does not fit all.’ 


I think children benefit from learning phonics.  


It seems that most children who have problems with reading need a crash course in phonics. It is only after they learn phonics that they start to get ahead with reading. Finding a teaching reading course that is suitable for your children can take some time. If your child is learning to read at school, then it is probably better to find a program that will supplement the school course. As opposed to a new program that will start from scratch. 


I recommend this Montessori course as it is can be used with another program or by itself. 


The Montessori system of teaching has been around for over a hundred years so it is very effective. Many parents and teachers who have used the Montessori way swear by it. The Montessori way uses a system of sandpaper letters and phonics, and it can be used with the school textbooks. 


There are some very good downloadable online phonics programs that are highly recommended. With these programs you will teach phonics to your child as a separate program. These programs are very good if your child is getting left behind and needs something else in place of what is being taught at school. 


Some children need help when it comes to learning to read books and it is to your child’s advantage if they get a head start in reading. For more information about these programs see our teach reading page.









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