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Children need to learn to read and write and what better way than a 100-year-old teaching method

There are many different ways to teach your child to learn to read and write. But everybody learns differently, so what works extremely well for

Johnny might be useless for Jack. But out there, there are a few learning systems that can actually help the students who do not learn very well in the mainstream school system.

That means both Johnny and Jack could learn using the same system. 

The learning method I like is the Montessori Method because it has been around for a hundred years and it is still teaching children today. It has stood the test of time. Also most kids who struggle with reading do not learn very well by listening and looking. 

They learn by doing and with the Montessori Method the children are tracing sandpaper letters. Therefore they are doing something and feeling the shape of the letter in the rough sandpaper helps implant it in their brain. 

In mainstream schools there are very few methods of teaching where the children use the sense of feeling. They use the senses of looking by watching the teacher and the blackboard, and listening to the teacher all the time, but not the sense of feeling.  

To learn more about the Montessori Method of teaching see our teach reading page.









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