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                                                                                                                                                                      global warming ice age

It might seem really dumb but some scientists are predicting a global warming ice age if the planet get too hot

Within the global warming fraternity there are many divisions and they keep the debate alive by trying to prove the other side is wrong. This is so helpful that most people on the overpopulated planet have nearly

given up on doing anything to save the planet. One aspect of the great global warming debate has always been the coming global warming ice age. And it has been coming for a while now. If you can remember back to about 30 to 40 years ago there was a small group of alarmist scientists on the over-populated planet who predicted that about now we would be in the middle of a mini ice age. 

But it turns out we are just starting on the road to endless warmth. 

But this global warming thing could be a deceptive trap to trip up the global warming scientists who predict the earth in 2030 will be over 6 degrees hotter than now. The theory behind this global warming ice age is if too much ice melts the salt composition of the seas change and the ocean currents change direction. That means the ocean currents will stop taking the warm water north, turning England and Northern Europe into a glacier. Not so good if you live up there. 

You will be joining the great migration back to the equator. 

That great global warming ice age scenario pops up in a lot of the videos so there must be some truth in it. Even though the people on the overpopulated planet can watch the latest global warming news all about ice ages and deserts they still carry on as usual. We love the heat. 

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