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                                                                                                                                                                               global warming crisis

As the global warming crisis deepens what are the people on the overpopulated planet doing about it

Well actually most of them are not really doing too much about the pending global warming crisis, except carrying on with business as usual. And that means they are still trying to decide which is the best global warming video to watch. But most importantly they are trying to decide

which global warming video contains the most reliably science as opposed to the junk science that has invaded the global warming scientific community

Also it now seems according to the England newspapers that global warming is mainly caused by the sun and not as Al Gore so feverishly declared by carbon dioxide. Now he has his Nobel Prize that will keep him happy. But all this means is the global warming crisis is still coming, and it doesn’t matter how many movies you make it is still going to get here. Now that the sun has taken the top slot as the number one cause of global warming for a while anyway what are the people on the overpopulated planet going to do. We can’t control the sun. 

Well there doesn’t seem to be too much to avert the coming global warming crisis except carry on regardless and hope humanity survives. To save our children from dying in a heat wave or major environment disaster we should think about not having so many kids. That way the one we do have might have more chance of surviving, as there will be less people competing for the dwindling supply of resources and especially food. 

When the global warming crisis kicks in with a vengeance we will see good farmland reduced to a desert and then our children will suffer and possibly us along with them. And then we will realize we should have had less children. 

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