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                                                                                                                            garden vegetable soup recipe

My best garden vegetable soup recipe changes depending on what vegetables are available

I love vegetables but I still eat meat, especially fat meat, and my soups always contain meat and fat as well as sea salt and a mixture of peppers. The vegetables change with the season, but I like

to have a bit of color in the soup and that usually means some tomatoes and red peppers. I love spicy hot soups so I always throw in some red peppers as well as the black and white powered pepper. 

There are some mixes of vegetables that go better together but that depends on you. 

One of my favorite soups has as the main vegetables - tomatoes, potatoes and cucumber with either rabbit, lamb or mutton, pork or beef. Usually I only have one meat in the soup. Sometimes I throw in some onions and I always throw in garlic and plenty of other herbs. It all depends on what is ripe and ready to be picked in the vegetable garden

I use a thermal hot pot cooker to cook the soup. 

First I boil the vegetable soup on the stove and boil it for about 10 minutes then I put it in the thermal cooker overnight and the soup is ready to eat for breakfast. That means I go and get a couple of eggs from the chooks. Put as much as I want in a little saucepan boil it up, drop in the eggs and poach them and thatís breakfast. 

I usually have soup for lunch and dinner until it runs out. This way I donít like to make the same soup as we have lots of soup and I use it as a base for most meals. So if you want a good soup try out my vegetable garden soup recipe.

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