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"What You Need To Know To Survive The Future"

What You Need To Know To Survive The Future

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                                                                                                 end of civilization

The end of civilization could be at hand

     At the moment near the end 2015 western civilization as we know it could be on the way out. We have so many catastrophic possibilities in the near future that mankind as a whole should be doing something about

them but all we are doing is denying it. In the background we have peak oil which should be the Number One concern for the future, but what are we doing. 

Just denying it and hoping it will go away. 

     After watching the National Geographic program about cars in China, I came to the conclusion they have no idea about peak oil theory. The manager of a car company was wanting to increase production into the future. I could understand if he was pumping out electric cars but all his ran on gas. Things like that don’t make sense when you are running out of oil.  

But our biggest problem is population

     We are reproducing ourselves off the planet. And all our future catastrophes are basically tied to population. Peak oil, global warming and peak soil are all tied together with food production. But when all three come together at the same time we are in a spot of bother. And it looks like they are all converging and the big problem is, I will live to see it and I am over 50. 

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     Civilized man has survived for around 10,000 years and even with the future not looking too bright we will still survive but we will not be living off oil. I will just finish with another reference to National Geographic and this time their Africa series from a few years ago. The documentary followed the lives of 4 young people and they all lived without oil so there is hope for mankind still. Life started in Africa and it looks like it will continue in Africa. 

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