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For a large section of land waiting for a garden, check this out in the Australian outback


                                                                                                                                    easy vegetable garden

If you want an easy vegetable garden you canít go past the organic natural gardening way.

To start an easy vegetable garden in the back yard or front yard just drop a few watermelon, squash and pumpkin seeds under a leaky outside tap. In a few weeks you will have your easy vegetable garden crawling all over your lawn. So before the watermelon, squash and pumpkin plants

start invading your lawn and climbing over everything, put the runners so the plants will grow around the house or along a fence. This way you will still have a piece of lawn to mow. 

To start an easy vegetable garden or you need is the sun and water and ground to put the seed in and the easy vegetable garden will grow by itself. 

It gets a bit more complicated than that when you want to start to add an irrigation system. Trickle or drip irrigation pipes running over your easy vegetable garden make watering a lot easier. Anyway it beats walking round with a watering can. Also you will be at war with every pest and disease that tries to invade your little home vegetable garden

And you will need a mulch system to add nutrients to your soil. But with all these distractions you will still have an easy vegetable garden. I like the organic natural gardening method because it is easy and you still get lots of vegetables, but most of your neighbors will think your garden is a big mess. Now if I have a choice between an easy vegetable garden that looks like a mess and a well manicured vegetable garden I would pick the easy vegetable garden any time. Easier on the back and they both grow vegetables.

Check out our Vegetable Gardening page and see what you think, but now is the time to stop thinking and just throw a few seeds around the house to see what happens.




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