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                                                                                                                                           Types of small dogs

Are some Types of Small Dog for you?

There are many different types of small dogs bred small for living inside or to catch rodents and pests. Toy Dogs, lapdogs or miniature dogs were once a sign of affluence and luxury and were reserved for the elite and the leaders. Nowadays

teacup dogs are everywhere and available to everybody. 

There are some definite advantages from having a little pet running around your home. 

The number one advantage is they are very cheap to run, they eat less food and medicine and they donít like to take long walks as they tire easily. Therefore they donít tire you out by pulling you every which way. 

Also toy dogs live longer on average than larger dogs. 

The Chihuahua, rumored to be the smallest dog lives about 14ó18 years and weight only 2ó4 lbs, while the Irish Wolfhound, the largest dog, only lives 7ó10 years and comes in at a whopping 105ó125 lbs. You need a lot of food to feed one of those. 

The main problem with these small pets is if they get a bad infection or eat some poison they have such a small body it doesnít take long to for them to go down. Also they are prone to injury as they are so small and as they are dogs they will try to protect you from other bigger dogs and when this happens the consequences are not good. 

One of the worst things about toy dogs is they sometimes donít like children and they can be quite nasty. My friend had a little lapdog and it used to sit under the table when we were eating, and one day I accidentally pocked it with my foot and it turned around and bit my toe. Nasty little animal. 

Anyway once you have your little teacup dog you still have to feed it and give it treats, and that is where my favorite online pet shops come in.

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