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                                                                                                                                                 types of dog toy

There are many different types of dog toy with latex or rubber being the most popular, followed by plush then rope toys.

When you are looking at the many different types of dog toys, it can be quite  daunting with all the toys that are available. And to make it more difficult there are squeaky toys that include grunters and talking toys. Then you have interactive toys and

treat toys. Interactive toys can be plush toys and your dog tries to get a small toy out of a bigger toy. Treat toys are usually latex toys with a deep hole to put treats in and then your dog bites, chews, gnaws or whatever to get the treats out. 

Where do you start when confronted with all the different choices.

Well first you start with your dog to see what he likes. If your dog likes to destroy anything that squeaks until he finds the squeaker,then it is probably better to leave the squeaky toys alone. Squeakers come in nearly every toy so you have to ask for the non squeak one. 

Also the type of toy you get can be determined by how aggressive your dog is. If he is a really savage chewer you will need a heavy-duty latex toy like the Kong or the Hurley. They are built tough to last with even the toughest chewers. But even then keep an eye on your dog to make sure he canít chew bits off and eat them. 

The have been some problems with dogs eating pieces of indestructible toys that get stuck in the dogís stomach somewhere causing severe problems. When you start looking at plush toys expect them to get ripped to shreds, so look out for hard buttons and things that you don't want your dog to eat.  With all toys and dogs always look at the safety aspect to make sure your dog canít swallow some part of the toy, that could cause problems for your beloved pooch.

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