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What is the best type of dog food to keep your pet healthy and happy

The best type of dog food for your dog will depend on you and your dog. The main types of dog food include canned dog food which is basically about 80%

water to soft moist or semi moist foods that contain about 30% water. The other main type of dog food is the dry variety that typically has less than 12% water and is the most common because it is cheaper. 

Into these three categories comes everything else like premium and super premium, which are possible the highest quality of all the types of dog foods. And I think these are the best types of dog food for your dog. Then you get puppy food, adult food and senior food, plus whatever other marketing name the pet food companies can come up with.  

I think the best type of dog food is raw food and raw bones

Dogs are carnivores and have hunted animals in the world since before mankind and dogs were friends so they are designed to eat raw meat. Some of the rubbish that comes in a dog food packet dogs were never intended to eat, but the food is complete with flavor enhancers so the poor dog doesn’t know what he is eating. So to keep your dog healthy try raw meat and your dogs should thrive on it. I still use dry food mainly biscuits and a few treats and these somehow keep the dog on a balanced diet. 

For a complete variety of different types of dog foods see these online pet shops on our Dog Foods Page. They have a good selection and I prefer the Solid Gold and Canidae brands, as they are quite healthy for your dog.






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