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                                                                                                         Training Your Dog

If you want to start Training Your Dog you should first learn how, dog training is not that easy.

There is a wealth of free information tips on how to train your pet on the internet. My favorites are and they have articles

on everything you need to know. If you want videos or online training I go for Dove Cresswells Training Online, she trains dogs to go in the movies so she is very good. Also the SitStayFetch training program can turn your dog into something you will be proud of.

What about books, there are many on training dogs but it is better to ask around first and see what other dog owners use. If you see a well-mannered dog in the park or walking down the street, just ask the owner. Most would be glad to tell you their secrets. 

I like the National Geographic Dog Whisperer Series and they are now out on DVD, or you can watch the latest series before you buy.

One thing about training your dog is you do not have to do it alone. If you donít know what to do, just ask and you shall receive. 

There is one thing you must know and that is, it takes time. It doesnít happen over night. Every time you see a well-mannered dog just think about the time that has been put in to turn that animal into something you will proud of. But donít be put off, it is not difficult, you just have to be consistent and do a little every day and it all adds up.

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