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                                                                                                                                                toy dog clothes

To make sure your toy teacup dog looks her best you need a range of toy dog clothes

Ever since toy dogs have been sharing our homes we have been dressing them up so they will always look their best. If you like you can even buy designer clothes

for your pet as well as yourself. To go one step further you can get matching sets, one for you and one for your dog

Actually toy dogs always look their best when they are wearing a jacket or sweater

In winter your pampered pet needs clothes but in summer just a light shirt is all that you need just to keep the sun off. Also little doggie boots are good in the summer as the sidewalk can get pretty hot. It is better to let your little pup run around on the grass because that does not get so hot. 

For winter-wear there is an endless range of jackets and sweaters all designed to perfectly fit your teacup dog. And they come in many different colors and sizes. Some with sleeves and others with leg holes, and some have straps that go under the belly. 

Most have a hook on the back so you can hook on the lease. If there is no lease hook then there is bound to be a matching collar. Long gone are the days when all your dog ever needed was a collar.

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