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                                                                                                                 Toy dog breed

Toy Dog Breeds have been bred small over the generations to be housedogs.

Toy dogs started out as companions to the rich and the elite of society and as society classes collapsed they are now available to everybody. They are ideally suited for life in small apartments especially for older people with grown up children. 

Some small lapdogs are very anti children

If you do want a teacup dog and you have children make sure the dog you pick is child friendly. Most small dogs make a racket when someone enters your property so they are pretty good watchdogs. Some are also very temperamental and they think nothing of biting you if you come too close. 

My friend had a terrible little dog that would bite without warning. We sat down for supper one evening and the dog was under the table. As I put my feet under the table I touched the dog and it turned around and bit my toe. I donít know why he kept the dog. Anyway not all dogs are as bad as that one, it just had a mean streak in it. 

The most popular toy dog is the Yorkshire Terrier but it is not really suited to be left alone when you go to work. It is more suited for an older person who stays at home. If you leave a dog alone in your apartment you could come back to a big mess, so keep that in mind before you go a buy a mini dog. 

Dogs like to be around people and some donít like to be left alone. Housetraining small dogs is very important as they live inside so take the time to do it right and then you should have a good companion in your toy dog. For all my training needs I use these courses.

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