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                                                                                                                                               tough dog toy

If you have a big dog or an aggressive chewer you need a very tough dog toy

At present the tough dog toy that is indestructible has not been invented yet. Some farmers say that the milking machine rubber from inside the milking cup is nearly indestructible but some dogs can gnaw their way through even that. 

The Kong can last a long time but even that will eventually succumb to constant

chewing. The Hurley seems to be the king of indestructibility but they have a replacement policy, so if your dog actually manages to damage a Hurley just send it back to the company and you will get a new one in the mail. This is not a gimmick they actually do send out replacements. 

Most really tough dog toys are ball shaped so your darling doggie has trouble getting it stuck between his teeth. Therefore they last a lot longer. Balls like the Boingo Ball are different as this one has ridges and your dog can get a good grip on this but it still manages to stay together. 

Another ball is the JW Pet Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme Ball made from thicker and tougher rubber. Both these ball come in a 5 inch size which is a good size for big dogs. Just big enough not to get it between the teeth. Another ball is the Planet Dog Orbee Ball but it doesn’t last long in the mouth of a determined chewer. The continents just get ripped off in no time. So we can’t really call that one a tough dog toy. 

Another company Tuffies brings out what they call indestructible soft toys and their toughest the ‘Mega Ring’ has four squeakers and is rumored to be built to last but I have never used one so I just don’t know.

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