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                                                                                                                                                          Small Dogs

Small Dogs are ideal for smaller apartments and older people as well as anyone who wants a dog around the house.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes so you can definitely find something ideal for you and your family, whether a big dog or small dog. Over time some small dogs were bred as hunting dogs as they were small enough to go down burrows after little furry animals.


Now little dogs have taken the place off the cat in some homes. 

And since they are about the same size as a cat they can normally play together. When you watch dogs and cats playing together you can soon see that cats are quicker but dogs are stronger.

Now there is an endless number of different breeds of small dogs to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors, so unless you are into a special breed you could be quite overwhelmed. From the Sausage Dog to the Chihuahua and onto the Corgi.

Little dogs seem to always live inside like the cat so they need to be house trained

That way they donít mess up your house or start chewing up your slippers. Even though the little pet is more like a lapdog than a guard dog you still have to be the alpha dog to control it and you still need to go on walks to exercise the little terror. Not taking the dog for long walks can cause it to be a problem inside. Also never feed the dog at the table when you are eating youíll be just asking for trouble.

Once you have brought you latest little pet you still need dog supplies and other doggie goods. I get mine from these online stores they are pretty good.

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