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Service Dogs are dogs that help and assist a disabled person.

Service dogs are allowed anywhere people are allowed to go, in buildings and on public transport. The most well known service dog are the guide dogs for the blind or seeing-eye dogs. They have been around for many years and are accepted by the public.
Nowadays as dogs have become more accepted at helping people, service dogs are helping many different types of people with disabilities. 

The seeing-eye dogs are highly trained and as selective breeding has come in they are breeding seeing eye dogs from parents who are also seeing eye dogs. The most preferred breed are the Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and the German Shepherd dogs, mainly because of their temperament and intelligent and they about the correct size. 

Another service dog is the dog for the deaf. 

These dogs alert the owner to sounds like the telephone and the doorbell as well as fire alarms and sometimes crying babies. Service dogs, is an umbrella term that covers all dogs that help people like wheelchair dogs, mobility assist dogs, walker dogs and seizure alert/response dogs. 

Lately because of the marked increase in Autism there are dogs specially trained to help Autism suffers get out and about. To find out more about dogs who help people have a look at these websites:

If you have a special dog living in your house helping one of your family members you will still need supplies and these are the shops I use and they are really good.

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