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Are Rawhide Dog chews safe to eat

Chewing is part of being a dog and rawhide is strong enough to give your pet a few hours of chewing. Just like the wild days of catching dinner and chewing away on fresh hide and meat. 

This chewing action keeps your petís teeth clean and free of plaque. 

Nowadays dogs are pampered products but they are still controlled by instincts that have evolved over 1,000s of years. So if you do not give then something to chew on they will find something, most likely your new shoes or the leather sofa.

That is where these manmade bones come in handy. 

The rawhide chews are pretty tough so they take some chewing but you donít want your lovely little pooch ripping off chunks and swallowing them as they could get stuck in the throat or stomach. They will digest over time but it could be very uncomfortable for you pampered pet. 

Actually it is recommended that when the chew is small enough to swallow take it away from your dog. But donít throw it in the rubbish because, depending on how well trained your dog is, it might go through the rubbish to get it back. 

Chews are just snacks, they should not be given as the main meal but you should also keep an eye on how much food your dog actually eats. As rawhide is just cow skin most dogs should have no problem with it, but if you dog gets sick it might be an ides to give it something else. 

Anyway for all your snacks and chews check out these stores they have been good to me.

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