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                                                                                                                                                 rawhide dog bones

Rawhide dog bones are very good at keeping your beloved petís teeth clean and are an alternative to chewing on the furniture.

Dogs and puppies love to chew and rawhide dog bones are excellent substitute for your new shoes, and dogs just love them. They can gnaw away for hours or until there is only a little bit left. Be careful they donít gulp down a too bigger a piece as there have

been stories about the rawhide getting stuck in the dogís throat or stomach, but thank goodness that is not very common. 

I donít know which are the best

Either the rolled into the bone shape so they look like a big knot, or the ones that are pressed into the bone shape and actually look like a bone. Either way they are good.  

I prefer to buy a larger size because it takes longer to chew it all up and then I think there is less danger with these ones. I think the little ones could cause some problems. 

With these types of dog chews, the harder the better because the abrasive action of chewing helps clean your dogís teeth and, that is one of the advantages of these types of chews. 

There is also some discussion about whether the local USA made or the Asia imports are more healthy. Personally it is up to you. I sometimes buy local and other times I buy imports, it usually depends what is on special. If the store sends me an email saying they have a special on such and such rawhide bones, I just buy them. The dog doesnít seem to mind. 

Anyway for all your dog snacks check out these online stores they keep my pooch supplied. 

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