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                                                                                                                                                     Puppy dog 

A Puppy dog is such a cute thing but once alone in your home it turns into something that goes to the toilet every hour, so be prepared.

People just donít seem to realize how untrained a puppy is when they are small. Just like a baby child they cannot hold it in, so they just go whenever they need. So expect the first few months to be quite challenging. 


If you can keep a close eye on your new puppy you can start to train straight away. That means every hour taking the puppy outside and if he goes to the toilet praise him so he knows he has done right. First thing in the morning and after eating go outside until the pup is finished. 

Puppies love praise and they also love to do things right but they donít always know what is right, so you must let them know. When you leave them alone at home put them in a little room and put paper all over the floor so the room doesnít get messed up. You have to put it all over the floor because you donít know where he will go and just putting some in one corner is no good until the pup knows he has to go on the paper. And it can take a long time to drill that into a puppy

If you are going to have a puppy get used to the mess. Also with a new puppy when you bring him home give him some space and a room he can call his own so he can get away from everybody. The first time in your home everything is new so the new addition needs time to explore. The best way is, one room at a time and then take him outside between rooms. 

Well now you have your new puppy it is time for toys, food and supplies and where is a better place that where I get mine.

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