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                                                                                                                                                           Pug dogs

If you like a small dog why not get Pug Dogs

Pugs are classed as A Toy Dog Breed by the American Kennel Association because they are quite small at about 14 – 18 lbs, and standing 10 –12 inches at the shoulder. Ideal size for an apartment and they are a house dog. 

They have been bred for over a 1.000 years as a house dog so now they have a lot of trouble surviving outside. They are particularly sensitive to the weather, and do very poorly in hot weather. Hot weather will kill them, they need ice packs and if outside they should stay under the sprinkler system. You cannot leave them in a hot car as they will succumb to the heat very quickly. 

Also it is very difficult to breed them as they have such big shoulders that the mother can have a terrible time whelping and most end up with a C-section. 

They are considered to be very good around children because they love to be patted and played with. As they are a small dog they are not good at running but they do need a good walk for exercise but then again not at lunch-time in the middle of summer. 

If you are walking the pug and it starts to wheeze be very careful because of the face shape they can have trouble breathing and wheezing is the start. That is when you feel lucky you have a small dog as it is time to start carrying it.

After you have decided to buy a pug you’ll need other supplies so why not shop at the same shops I shop at, they are pretty good to me

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