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                                                                                                                         prescription dog food

Prescription dog food is just that you need a prescription from your vet before you can buy it

In most cases you need prescription dog food only after you have been feeding your dog the wrong kind of food or too much as opposed to too little. So before you need a prescription dog food have a serious look at what you are feeding your dog, because

that is usually where the problem starts. 

Prescription dog foods like diabetic dog foods are a good idea to try and right a few years of feeding your dog the wrong food. They have been specially formulated to target a known disorder, and are very helpful especially if your dog is suffering from old age related disorders or your dog is fat. In old age, dogs do need a prescription dog so they can live out their golden years in relative health. 

I am very opposed to dog owners causing problems in their dogs just through basically lack of knowledge. 

Then putting the dog on a prescription dog food to try and right the problem. I shouldn’t really blame the dog owners as a number of dog food companies knowingly put sub standard cheap dog food on the market. Owners watch the lovely, beautiful dogs on the advertisement and buy the products. Whereas if the owners read the label they would possibly see that there are better quality dog foods on the market. The best brand of dog food is not usually the best advertisement. 

If your dog starts exhibiting problems start feed a Super Premium Dog Food as these dog foods are formulated to keep your dog healthy. Also feed the recommended amount and not too many treats. You can kill your dog with kindness by overfeeding it. Read the labels and feed the recommended amount.

Anyway I buy my dog food from these online stores and if I buy enough I get free delivery. They don’t always supply prescription but the do supply Super Premium Dog Food




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