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                                                                                                             Police Dogs 

The police have a never-ending job so they are lucky they have police dogs to help them

Police dogs are here to do a public service and they have been highly trained. There are many jobs the K9 team can do and chasing criminals is the most energetic, but sniffing dogs are the most common. 

They are the drug-sniffing dogs found at airports and now bomb sniffing dogs.

Also dogs are still used for crowd control. Most groups of people would think twice before advancing on a big dark brown and black police dog. 

As police dogs have proven their worth they are becoming more common and they can pop up anywhere. In some States now if you get stopped for speeding, a drug dog could walk around your car having a sniff. And if they sit politely on the ground you could be in deep trouble. As the cities are getting more and more dangerous police dogs are getting more and more freedom. 

Before libel suits would be flying in all directions but now not so, people want more protection and dogs are providing it. To find out how these dogs are trained, check out this site and you would think twice before confronting one. www.leerburg.com  

Also this is a good site just to show you what damage dogs can do if they accidentally bite you. Even though dogs have been living with mankind for nearly 10,000 years they still have a wild streak in them.

If you are having problems with your pet and he needs some extra training check out these sites, they wont turn him into a police dog but they might stop him from biting like on.                                                                                    

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