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                                                                                                                                   Plush Dog Toys

Plush Dog Toys are not designed for the dog that likes to chew.

Plush dog toys are beautiful soft toys for your dog and dogs just love them. They take the place of the dog’s brothers and sisters so some dogs will curl up around the plush toy or use it as a pillow. But there is the chance if the dog gets bored

they might turn on the beautifully made fleece toy and reduce it to shreds in a very short time. 

Plush toys come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. 

The safer ones are probably the cotton material or other natural substances. Wool is pretty nice but it doesn’t seem to last long. Maybe it still has the taste of the sheep in it.  

Nearly all plush fleece toys are double stitched so they last a bit longer and most now are made from non-toxic materials. I am a bit cautious about some of these modern manmade fabrics as they are very strong and I wouldn’t want my dog eating them as they would never break down. I stick to cotton. Dogs are not too fussy about what they eat and after they have slobbered over it enough they’ll eat anything. 

Some plush squeaky toys are now die free certified organic fabrics stuffed with organic cotton batting instead of the little polythene balls or other synthetic fillers that end up all over the place when your dog splits it open. 

When buying plush toys check to see if the filler is old rags or some chemical substance. I keep away from anything that feels chemically made. So when buying toys use your discretion because you know your dog and you will know how long it will take for your dog to destroy a new soft plush squeaky toy.

I buy my plush toys and latex rubber toys from these stores they are very good.

For more information about dog toys see our dog toy page.











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