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                                                                                                                                              Male dog names

Finding Male Dog Names can be a daunting task but there are a few things you need to consider first.

Trying to find a name that will suit your new male pet can be fun but you have to be consider the future and will the name suit a fully grown dog. Also you will be using the boy dogís name quite frequently so be sure you are comfortable with the name. 

It is better to have short names than long names because they are easier to say. The dogís new name should not be the same as any other personís name in the house, that somehow confuses the dog, he doesnít know who you are calling. Another thing donít use a command as the name as this will really confuse the dog even more. When naming a boy puppy donít call him a silly childish name that you will have to change when he grows up, because changing a name can be difficult when the animal is older.

Some names describe the color or another shape of the dog, like Patch or Butch while others can be manly names like Rambo or Brutus for a brown and black guard dog. Still others could be named after famous people like Napoleon or Beethoven. Then you could use a computer game name like Zuma or Luxor. 

If your lovely little pet is going to grow into something huge you can call him something that means XL like Jumbo or Godzilla. For a complete list of names check out this site After you have named you latest addition to your family it is time to stock up on food and accessories and there is no better place to get than online at the same stores I use.

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