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                                                                                                                               Lease walking a dog

Lease walking a dog is the polite way of taking a dog for a walk

Lease training can take time and it is best to start when your pet is just a puppy. When walking your dog just remember if your dog gets off itsí lease and starts

running and you chase it, your dog will think it is a game and will keep running. So donít you chase your dog, just wait and hopefully your dog should come back. 

That is when you need a pocket of treats

Another way is to use a very long lease over 10 feet long, and have one end securely fastened, either to you or a tree or something. Just before the dog gets to the end of the lead say Ďsití. It doesnít take too long before the puppy realizes when you say Ďsití he is not going to go very much further.

When teaching your dog to walk beside you DO NOT use a retractable lease because this gives the dog the impression that if he pulls he can get more lease, and you donít want that. You want the dog to walk beside you. 

Getting your dog to walk beside you without pulling can be a problem but it can be done. 

One method that I like is a using a normal collar and long lease instead of using a harness. Wrap the lease around the ribcage of your dog so the lease is looped right around your dog. Now put the handle of the lease through the loop so when your dog takes off the loop will tighten either around the belly or ribcage. This way when your dog pulls it tightens and when it stops pulling the loop will slacken. 

It doesnít take too long before the dog realizes this and a few treats every now and then helps the dog to remember. There is one caution if your dog cannot adapt to this method donít use it. This method is quite effective and will keep your dog by your side.

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