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                                                                                                                                                     latex dog toy

Puppies with teething problems need to chew so why not give them a latex dog toy

There is an endless array of latex dog toys on the market these days. Most are advertised as 100% natural latex, so what is 100% natural latex. It is basically just rubber that comes from a rubber tree and it should be biodegradable. Anything that

is not 100% has been made from recycled rubber. As some is soft and pliable it is easily eaten but it should not cause the problems that the hard rubber bones and toys can cause if ingested. 

Also most small latex toys have a squeak 

so if your dog is chewing away there can be this endless racket going on in the background. Some of the squeakers are the dog whistle type so we can hardly hear them which is good, so before you buy check out the squeak level. It is like when you buy toys for your kids. 

Check the labels to see if the toy will withstand aggressive chewers and buy accordingly to your dogs chewing habits. One very important point is always buy a toy on the bigger side for your dogís bite like the 'Kong'. You donít want your dog gulping down the latest lovely little squeaky toy in one gulp. 

Dogs have this thing about eating, meaning anything we give them they think they can eat, so we have to make sure they canít. Squeaky latex toys do not last forever so if they are starting to come apart, throw them away or you'll wonder where it went. 

In any pet shop there are so many different colors, shapes and sizes to choose. Your dog doesnít care he will chew on any you give him and he will love you for them.

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